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Whitneybell Perry Architects’ work style

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Whitneybell Perry Inc promotes an office culture of professionalism in all aspects for our project communication and production (stressing loyalty to our clients and to the firm) AND involvement in our communities – from professional involvement such as membership on a local government planning committee to personal involvement such as coaching a child’s sports team.

Doug and Mike always stress the importance of working hard during our 40+ hour work week and then making time for extra-curricular activities every week too. They have led by example in promoting the importance of architects being involved in their communities – join a city group such as a planning committee, join professional organizations such as AIA, Valley Partnership, etc. and get involved in the meetings and missions of these organizations.

At Whitneybell Perry Architects, we have created a strong team within our firm which results in multiple members working effectively on projects together.

In addition to team-building efforts during business hours, there are several WPI sponsored events scheduled outside of the office – trip to Havasupai Falls, the Turkey Trot, hiking the Arizona Trail and WPI “Night at the Movies”.

Finally, our office culture embraces the idea that architecture is more than just a job – it is a professional career that requires dedication, perseverance and responsibility.  In addition, those of us that choose this for our career also find that it is a lot of fun!